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The RealBest diagnostic kits are intended for the detection of infectious agents and determination of genetic polymorphisms by real-time PCR. In-house developed technologies turn the procedure of real-time PCR analysis from a complicated process requiring extensive specialized knowledge and practical experience into a standardized, simple, and readily reproducible procedure. AO Vector-Best offers user-friendly solutions for diagnostics such as lyophilized ready-to-use mixtures with a long shelf-life and transportation temperature of up to 26 °С.

RealBest kits:
  • Complex approach to PCR diagnostics encompassing sample preparation, PCR and evaluation of results
  • Simple nucleic acids extraction using magnetic particles
  • Lyophilized Ready Master Mix for the detection of DNA/RNA in real-time PCR
  • Compatible PCR and RT-PCR protocols for the detection of a wide range of pathogens
  • Noncompetitive Internal Control
  • Storage of all components at the same temperature (2-8)°С for up to 12 months; no freezing required
  • Transportation at the temperature up to 26 °С for no more than 10 days is acceptable
  • Compliance with the requirements of international standard EN ISO 13485:2016
Different formats:

Str-format: Ready Master Mix is lyophilized in 0.2 ml white tubes of the 96-tube plate. The only step required for the reaction procedure is the addition of extracted DNA/RNA samples

Uni-format:Ready Master Mix is lyophilized in clear 0.2 ml tubes. Add the extracted DNA/RNA into the tubes and run the test. One tube – one reaction


Real-time PCR Systems and formats:

Str format can be used with: CFX96™ (Bio-Rad, USA), DTprime, DT-96 (DNA-Technology, Russia)

Uni format can be used with: CFX96™ (Bio-Rad, USA), DTprime, DT-96 (DNA-Technology, Russia), Rotor-Gene® Q (Qiagen, Germany), Rotor-Gene® 6000/3000 (Corbett Research, Australia)

Number of simultaneously detected pathogensDetection channels
3 and moreFAM, ROX, HEX (JOE), Cy5

Other real-time PCR cyclers with similar technical characteristics can be used after validation

Diagnostic kits